Interesting Facts About Office Furniture

Office furniture gets used every day and most of us will spend most of our time surrounded by office furniture, but few of us will ever think twice about where it comes from and how it came to be in our office and how many different office furniture and chairs there are out there. Well, it might sound pretty boring but if you have spent a lot of time sitting in an office being bored you will know what I am talking about.

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Office furniture often travels a very long way from where it is manufactured to get to our offices and a lot of the times office furniture gets recycled and ends up getting a new home in a different office, and sometimes new office furniture is also made from recycled materials. But more often than not office furniture simply just lands up in landfill sites around the world, never to be used again and just lying there taking up space.

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So if you are interested in where your office furniture comes from then take a look at the interesting facts below about where your office furniture really comes from and impact it has on the environment. And I promise it really is not as boring as it might sound at first and next time you are standing around the water cooler you will have a lot of different interesting facts to tell about all the humble office furniture in your office.

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What You Do Not Know About Your Office Furniture

Nobody really gives any thought to office furniture, although they make up such a big part of our daily lives. Just think about these figures for a minute and try to put things into perspective. Every year American companies purchase about 16.5 million chairs, 4.5 million tables, 11 million filling cabinets and 3 million desks. That is a lot of wood, plastic and metal that just goes into office furniture in one country each year.

Now just imagine that none of this office furniture gest recycled. Then we would end up with fields and fields filled with desks and chairs. In the United States alone in 2005 it was estimated that about 8.8 million tons of old office furniture ended up in landfills across the country.

Now just imagine where all of this furniture came from and how long it took all of the furniture to reach your office. And most office furniture will be produced in an energy intensive factory and thus it takes a lot of resources just to make office furniture.

And then there is that nice new furniture smell you get when they deliver your new furniture. But this smell is not the sweet smell of success, it is actually the by-product of sealants, paints adhesives that can be very harmful to your eyes and lungs and can cause severe irritations and it can even make you sick if the room is not properly ventilated.

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